SME Loan Application -

Eligibility criteria

1. Companies registered and operating in Hong Kong
2. Company owners living in Hong Kong
3. Companies operating for at least 6 months


The Company

1. Copy of “Certificate of Incorporation”
2. Copy of “Business Registration Certificate”
3. Copy of “Memorandum & Articles of Association”
4. Latest 6 months bank statements from major bank
5. Latest 3-year financial statements
6. Copy of particulars of Sole Proprietorship
7. Copy of particulars of Partnership
8. Copies of particulars of Directorship and Company Secretary

The Sole-proprietor / Partners / Guarantors

1. Copy of HKID Card / Passport
2. Address proof within the last 3 months

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Online Application

Fill in online application form and submit documents

Application Verification

Verify applicant's company information and documents

Loan Approval

Instant loan approval based on SME business conditions

Fund Disbursement

Direct deposit into registered account once the application is approved

Basic Information

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**The annual percentage rate ranges from 1%. Interest rate on loans is subject to the credit history of each applicant. The repayment period for loans ranges from 3 to 60 months. For example, in the case of an HK $500,000 loan with annual percentage rate of 1% and 12-month repayment period, the monthly loan repayment amount would be HK $44,425 and the total repayment amount would be HK$533,100.

Loan Application

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Company Information

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Business Detail

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Major Customers

Buyers settlement method and %

Major Suppliers

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Company Credit Facilities

Please select credit facilities record

More preferential rate will be offered if required information in this part is provided.

Details of Sole Proprietorship / Partners / Guarantor(s)


Applicant Consent and Declaration

Relationship with Intermediaries of the lender / Third Party Referrer

Confirmed by

To︰MoneySQ Limited

I (),Business Registration Number: ,Certificate of Incorporation Number: ,Registered Address: acknowledge my confirmation:

Signed any agreement (“the third party agreement”) with any person (“third party”) for or in relation to the procuring, negotiation, obtaining or application of the loan, guaranteeing or securing the repayment of the loan.


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(other than an agreement with solicitors instructed by the intending borrower for the provision of legal services solely)

Note: The English version of this application form shall prevail whenever there is any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions.


成功推薦的現有客戶劃一獎賞為:港幣 $1,000


  • 港幣 $50,000 以上 港幣 $1,000
  • 港幣 $20,000 - $50,000 港幣 $500





  • 全新客戶準時供款三個月後,本公司以銀行轉賬形式發放獎賞。
  • 合資格推薦人會於貸款放款日後三個工作天內以銀行轉賬形式發放獎賞