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Founder and CEO Mr. Steven Lee Interview with CNBC

At MoneySQ.com, we are committed to finding innovative new ways to utilize financial technology resources to greatly improve the online lending experience. Our professional team constantly seeks to create new solutions to better meet the financing needs of individuals and businesses today, while lowering costs and providing access to new avenues for wealth creation.

Create Value through Sharing


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MoneySQ.com and its partners aim to be the undisputed leader in Crowdfunding* + Online Lending Platform^ service. We incorporate the latest FinTech solutions into our online platform, ensuring a secure, robust yet user-friendly experience.


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Through Crowdfunding* + Online Lending Platform^ both credit-worthy borrowers and intelligent investors can create value through sharing.


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Combining Crowdfunding* and lending so users can capture opportunities in a reliable and flexible platform.

* Fundraising is arranged by Bridgeway, a SFC licensed firm.
^ Online lending platform is managed by MoneySQ, while funding is provided by its strategic partners.

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**The annual percentage rate ranges from 3.8% to 48%. Interest rate on loans is subject to the credit history of each applicant. The repayment period for loans ranges from 6 to 60 months. For example, in the case of an HK $50,000 loan with annual percentage rate of 3.8% and 12-month repayment period, the monthly loan repayment amount would be HK $4,253 and the total repayment amount would be HK$51,036.


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